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Hambaricho Ecotourism offers all types cars in excellent condition suitable to the rough roads and climate of the countryside of the site. As such, organization has a variety of fully maintained 4WD Land Cruisers, Coaster and Minibus vehicles suited for the rough roads in any …

Hambericho Ecotourism Site

Hambericho is the second highest mountain in Central Ethiopia Region , and People’s Region found in Kembata Zone at 3058 meter above sea level.The people in the zone consider the mountain not only as the attraction and among natural blessings in the center of the zone but also it is largely attached to the very identity of the people. Most grand historical names and events are associated to Hambaricho. For instance, earlier traditional political administration used Hambericho as the political seat. Most religious events ranging from ancient to recent have been taking place on the mountain. The mountain serves as conducive living environment for plants and animals by maintaining biodiversity. The mountain possesses variety of attractions which include attractive chains, multiple picks, extended plateau landscape together with valleys, gorges and gullies; it is not even serving as tourist attraction so far.

The mountain is pillared within the midst of four bigger towns of the zone, namely Durame East, Shinshco South East, Angacha North West and Damboya North East. Hambericho Eco-Tourism site development program is initially initiated by Kembata Zone Administration whereby scholars from working in zone and outside have shown interest to participate so as to foster socio-economic and environmental development in the zone during the COVID-19 crisis. The program site covers 21 rural kebeles wich are found in four woredas around the mountain, the total area of the program site is 18,604.6 hectares. Hambericho is one of grand mountains in the region and the first mountain of its kinds in the region due to its location, historical and natural features. The mountain is also a popular destination for hikers and adventurers who are looking for a challenging climb and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. However, the mountain is not only a natural wonder but also holds a significant place in the history and culture of the Kembata people. Hambericho Eco-Tourism site development program is viewed from two windows. The first vital component of development is developing natural and cultural resources to attract tourists. When seen from wider spectrum, tourist does not only mean visitors from outside the zone but also it includes people of the zone. Both group of people need rightly developed attractions to undertake recreational, research, and related touristic activities so that resources need to be developed in order to be fitted according to the need of visitors. Preservation of existing resources, modifying some resources to improve their attractiveness, developing new resources to add values should attract attention. A number of projects are proposed to achieve this goal.

Mission and Vision

The mission of Hambericho Eco-Tourism Site Development Program would be established to make Hambericho become center of gravity for overall development by creating enabling environment for tourist attractions aimed at creating livable, comfortable, attractive and environmentally friendly destination.

Vision of Hambericho Eco-Tourism Site Development Program is to see Hambericho and its surroundings become economically benefited, socially transformed, and environmentally sustained as of 2030.

Strategic Goals

Hambericho Eco-Tourism Site Development Program is aimed at achieving economically viable, socially cohesive and environmentally sustained development goals. Hambericho Eco-Tourism Site Development Program supports Kembata Tembaro people to build strong economic base by experiencing intensive farming approaches, and being engaged on off farm activities and experiencing environmentally friendly style of living.

Hambericho Eco-Tourism Site Development Program positively contributes for the Kembata Tembaro people to strengthen social unity, harmony, solidarity and cohesion leading itself to positive social changes and transformations.Hambericho Eco-Tourism Site Development Program creates enabling environment for the people of Kembata Tembaro to protect, preserve,and develop sustained physical environment on Hambericho Mountain and its catchments.

Objectives of the Hambaricho Ecotourism Site

To enable the people of the site, gain economic benefits by reducing prevailing poverty via enhancing job creations, income generations, unemployment reductions, and infrastructure development and service provisions. To enhance social harmony through developmental culture exchanges, knowledge sharing, experience exchanges, preventing cultural decays and through bringing positive social changes that leads to social transformations

To sustain physical environment by protecting existing fauna and flora from any sort of damage, rehabilitating harmed part of the environment, preserving indigenous fauna and flora species, fostering sustainable water development, maintaining physical carrying capacity of the mountain and its surroundings.

Cultural and Natural Resources

Mount Hambericho holds a special place in the history and culture of Kembata people. According to ancient history, the mountain was the site of a battle between the people and their enemies. They climbed the mountain and used its natural defenses to their advantage,ultimately defeating their enemies and securing their freedom. Hence, it is a symbol of the resilience and strength. The mountain is also a source of pride for the people, who see it as a testament to their connection to the land and their cultural heritage.

Most religious events ranging from traditional beliefs to recent have been taking place on the mountain. The mountain possesses variety of attractions which include attractive mountains chains, multiple picks, extended plateau landscape together with valleys, gorges, gullies, rocks and fountains.

Geographic Area

The geographic area of the site is 36046’17” to 37057’24” N to 7010’8” to7021’49” E in Central Ethiopia Region, Kembata zone, Hambericho Eco-Tourism program site, an area defined by the special geologic characteristics of the Hambericho Mountains Chains, give the region beautiful landscape that being visited by thousands of national and international tourists.

Latest News


Bogaletch Gebre Memorial Event At Hambaricho Mountain

A memorial event to recognize the immense contributions of Ms. Bogatech Gebre in transforming the lives of women, girls in Ethiopia was organized recently by the Federal Ministry of Women and Children Affairs. The event consisted of hundreds of women and girls and supporters from various parts of the country converging at and climbing the 777 steps of Hambaricho Mountain.


A Hambericho Mountain stairway project which consists of 777 stairs has been inaugurated today.

Hambericho stairway has a greater significance to climb the top of the mountain which is elevated some 3,000 meters above sea level and exercise hiking in other parts of the mountainous attraction sites in the area, he explained. The Hambericho Mountainous Natural attraction site which is situated in Kembata Tembaro Zone is one of green tourism destinations development being carried …


Hambericho Mountain stairway project inaugurated

The inauguration ceremony has been attended by high ranking regional government of SNNP including speaker of the regional council, Helen Debebe. Rural Cluster Coordinator of Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Region with the rank of Deputy President, Anteneh Fekadu while inaugurating the project said that the 777 steps stairway has been constructed with an outlay of 10 Million Birr.


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777 Staircase

Stair case constructed starting at the place locally known as Faarsi Gabbaraancho, makes the journey to the top of the …


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